Other Miracles

  • My Stolen Phone became flames in the hand of the Robber, and was Returned:

    My Stolen Phone

    Testimony by Sis. Happiness: My Stolen Phone became flames in the hand of the Robber and was Returned.



    During the last Healing Service, I responded to altar call after the message.When I went back to my seat, I discovered that my tablet, which I kept in‑between the pages of my Bible was no more; it has been stolen! I cried bitterly. A Brother took me to the Superintendent State Minister. He encouraged me and promised me a phone.


    A sister, who was also concerned, asked me of my phone number and dialed it using her own phone. A female voice that answered, said to her, “this phone belongs to me now”. Days after, a woman called the Sister’s phone that was used in calling my line, and said that her daughter had confessed to her that she stole a phone, which had turned into hot flames in her hands; such that, she could not keep it any longer for herself. The mother of the girl pleaded with me, and arranged for a meeting in Mile 1 for the collection of my tablet. That was how I got back my stolen tablet. Thanks, be to God.

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  • God gave Me a Miracle Job among 62 Interviewees:

    Sis Ibiye

    Testimony by Sis. Ibiye: God Gave Me a Miracle Job Among 62 Interviewees.


    I graduated in November, 2017; since then, I have been looking for job. I got a job at Bayelsa State early last year, but it was not quite long, the job was over.


    During the February Healing Service, as the Int’l Director was praying, he mentioned my case and said, “Someone will get a miracle Job”. I jumped up and claimed it. Yours truly, on the next day, being Monday, I got a call from someone who told me to go and submit my CV at a hospital called, “Save a Life Hospital’. When I got there, I discovered that it was rather the day that was slated to interview those who had submitted their applications and CVs days and weeks earlier. I became discouraged and left. However, someone at the gate told me to go back and wait, that I might still be interviewed. As God will have it, they collected my CV and interviewed me that same day with other 62 candidates. I had the highest performance in both the oral and computer-based written tests, which made me to be one among the only two successful candidates.


    As the Management had brief review meeting over our cases, I overheard them say that I was inexperienced because they had wanted to employ someone who had at least 10 years of work experience; more so, I was too young for the job, they added. However, one of them said, “She may be small but mighty, let’s give a chance to perform on the job”. Those moments were so frightful, but I decided to look up to the “God of Grace” that Daddy preached on during the Healing Service, and prayed the more. Shortly after, they called me, congratulated me and offered me the job for an immediate start. The God of grace spoke on my behalf, and gave me a job. Praise God.

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  • Total Revival:

    Total Revival



    During the March Healing Service, I was blessed by the word of God. The Int’l Director mentioned that there are 365 “Fear Not” written in the bible, which means that each “Fear Not” is applicable for each day of the year. He added that one day of doubt is tantamount to 365 days of doubts before God, and that is what responsible for many unfulfilled miracles in the lives of doubtful Believers. I believed God’s servant, and the Lord did 3 things in my life:  
    1) He restored my joy of salvation

     2) He restored His glory in my life

     3) He renewed my trust in Him

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  • My Husband was Discharged and Acquitted after being unlawfully held in prison for 7 Years:


    Sis Gloria

    Testimony by Sis Gloria: My husband was discharged and acquitted after being unlawfully held in prison for 7years.


    In October 2010, my husband was detained for a crime he did not know anything about. The magistrate who accused him frustrated all efforts to grant his release. We prayed and fasted severally with the brethren and Pastor, but things were still difficult without any head way.


    After the June 2018 healing service, I stayed back with my children to cry at the altar. We prayed and vowed that in August healing service we shall stand to give a testimony of his release.


    What a faithful God, we serve! On the 31st of July, God did the miraculous; my husband was unconditionally released from prison after 7yrs in prison. That was how he was discharged and acquitted of a crime he didn’t know anything about. Glory be to God.

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