Deliverance Miracles

  •  God Delivered Me from the threats of bad Boys:

    8lozeta Samuel

    Testimony by Pst. Lozeta Samuel: God Delivered me from the threats of bad Boys.

    There was a time I came to this temple (World Headquarters Rukpokwu PH) to pray; and I told God of the challenges that I was passing through regarding threat of life in my village. I promised God that if the trouble is solved, I will come here to tell him, “thank you”.


    One day, I went to market to buy fish. As I was about to enter a boat, one of the bad boys fastened his eyes at me, gazing suspiciously. I had to tactically move my eyes away from him. It was done in me that there was evil plot going on, so hastened to enter the boat. When I realized that he had gone to mobilize his colleagues because he had identified a target; and they could trail my boat on the sea with their own fast boat, I had to find a way to came down from that boat and followed another way back to the market, and pretended as if I was buying something. I called on my sister, and found a way for me to get back to Port Harcourt undetected. I narrated my experience to my pastor and brethren, and they all prayed for me.


    On the 9th of November, I needed to go to my community (Andoni), not just for a market trip, but to stay for days, so as to bury my mother. Many people that were concerned advised me not to go. They became angry with me on hearing that I proceeded with the arrangement to travel home for the burial; but within me, I was convinced that God will protect me. One early morning while I was at home, a friend came and told me to be more careful because there were evidences of traitors against me. But God turned their evil plots away, and their hands were stayed from reaching me. I was in the village from Thursday through Tuesday the following week and the burial was conducted safely. And, so it was that God prevailed against them and protected me. The scripture, which says “touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm”, became evidently fulfilled in my life. Praise be to God.

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  • Deliverance from Spiritual Bondage:


    Ewoh Ibinate


    Testimony by Ewoh Ibinate: Deliverance from Spiritual Bondage.


    I got my healing and deliverance during the March healing service. After Daddy had finished preaching and began to pray, had the experience of untying of my two legs that initially seemed tied together, and I got delivered. Also, on that same day, my mother got her complete healing in the house because I came to the healing service with a burden and determination for her healing. She could not come to the service because she couldn’t walk with her legs; she had to be assisted to eat, bathe or do everything for her. She was being force-fed because she was not able to open her mouth to eat or drink. But as I was loosed right here in the Temple, God also healed her at home completely. By the time we went home, she had already begun to do things by herself.



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  • Delivered from being a demonic priest:

    evang Stanley Kabara

    Testimony by Evang Stanley Kabara: Delivered from being a demonic Priest.



    In 1979, I was offered to serve as one of the priests of a juju called “amaagor” in Boue, in Ogoni land. This demonic arrangement was made by my family. The same year, the Ministry of Greater Evangelism World Crusade held their Easter retreat/crusade in my community; during which time, I was busy with my juju-priestly duties at the shrine.


    As God would have it, God’s power saturated the entire area upto the shrine. I suddenly became restless that morning, so much so that I had to run away from my locality and to where the crusade was held. While at the crusade ground, I suddenly fell into what looked like a trance: it was like a movie about the death of Jesus that was all I could see. After watching the “movie”, I cried for many days and later gave my life to Christ. I denounce idol worship and services as the “amaagor” juju priest. The head juju-priest sent a message to me and my family urging that I return back to the shrine, and that if I don’t’ return within a space of 5years the juju will kill me. But, I am still alive to this day! By the grace of God, I am an ordained pastor - a royal priesthood onto God. And today happens to be my 21st birthday in the Lord. Glory be to God.

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  • Deliverance and Healing from swollen Leg:

    PST Elizabeth  Zete

    Testimony by Pst. Elizabeth Zeteh: Deliverance and healing from swollen leg.


    I want to give God praise for my life. During the 2018 Ministry’s anniversary celebration, I fell sick. The situation got worse each day. It was like burning sensation all over me; for 3 days I could neither stand on my feet nor walk unaided. I was taken to the hospital and was there for about 4 months. The Int’l Director came to pray for me in the hospital. After he prayed and left, there appeared what looked like an opening within my swollen leg through which viscous-fluid gushed out continuously. Today, I am delivered, healed and walking on both legs to the glory of God.

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  • God rescued my daughter-in-law from the hands of kidnappers:

    Pst. Benibo Wokoma

    Testimony by Pst. Benibo Wokoma: God rescued my daughter-in-law from the hands of kidnappers.



    On 11 December, 2018 about 8:30pm, I was resting from my journey when my phone rang. It was my son’s voice, crying, “Daddy, daddy pray, they have kidnapped my wife, they have taken her away!” I assured him I would pray for her release. She was taken away from her business premises at Abonnema to Southern Ijaw in Bayelsa State. I communicated the situation to our Father (the InternationalDirector) who assured me that she would be released.
    After four days, they called and demanded 30million naira. We didn’t have such amount of money and didn’t know what to do! On the 20th December, they called again demanding 5millon, and said to my son that he should sell his 3bedroom flat and settle them. It was a great horror! My son even had to contact Sales Agents who offered only 2million, which was far less than what was demanded. Despite such blow offer, they were not forth coming to pay for the purchase of the house. I told my son to believe God for the release of his wife. I made a vow onto the Lord. My son vowed to join the wife to serve God upon her release.
    On the 21st December, they told my daughter-in-law that they were unable to rest; their leader told her they would release her because they can’t rest any longer. On the 23rd December, they called and said that we should bring whatever we had in order to secure her release before 25th of December. They directed my son to the waterside where he would take a Flying-boat. It was a 3hour journey by speedboat on the sea. At the meeting point, upon confirmation of the little amount that was gathered, my son realized that it was short of what was mentioned to them earlier on. He fell down, not being sure of what they would do to him. Surprisingly, but to the glory of God, they said, “bring what you have and take your wife!” This is surely the finger of God. God answered the prayer of our Daddy, who assured of the release of my daughter-in-law.

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  • A bus fully loaded by our Brethren was Delivered from a Terrible Accident:

    Deliverance from a Terrible Accident

    Testimony by Pst. Tams of Town Church1: A bus fully loaded by our Brethren was Delivered from a Terrible Accident.


    After the last Healing Service, all my Church buses were loaded to fullness as we headed home. On our way, the axle of one of the buses suddenly, pulled-off and one of the tyres as well. It was a horrific moment of shouting and of great pandemonium! God intervened, and made the driver to apply the brake and the bus was brought under control without somersaulting. If not for God, it would have been a different story by now.


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  • Delivered from Protruded Stomach and My Wife from the Spell of Death:

    Mr and Mrs Emmanuel Jombo


    Testimony by Mr. & Mrs. Emmanuel Jombo:Delivered from Protruded Stomach and My Wife from Spell of Death.


      Mrs. Jombo


    I encountered the spell of death. I didn’t know when I fell on the floor and became unconscious. It was horrific that my children lost hope and went about arranging for a car to carry my dead body. I had a little spark within me that triggered me to vehemently shout, “I will not die because I am serving the God of Greater Evangelism World Crusade”. And I focused my gaze on the Ministry’s calendar before me in my house. Immediately, I heard a voice that told me, “get up, you will not die, if you believe”. I declared, “I believed” and got up; instantly, my strength was regained in full and I came back to life. Praise God.

     Mr. Emma Jombo

     I was very sick and had protruded stomach; it was such that I couldn’t pass urine or faeces. I was taken to the hospital. The doctor inserted a tube within my pubic region to enable me to pass out urine and faeces. One day, I fell into a trance, and I saw myself in the Temple (the Headquarters Church). There, in the temple, I came in contact with a man whose face I couldn’t recognize. He said to me, “You are healed and delivered from every ailment”. As soon as the trance was over, I discovered that my stomach had retracted to normal, and instantly, I began to do the things that I couldn’t do before. When I went back to the Hospital, the doctors said, “This can only be by the Miracle of God”. That was how I got my healing. Praise the Lord.


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  • Deliverance  from Ritual Killers:

    Pst Richie

    Testimony by Pst. Richie U: Deliverance from Ritual Killers.


    On 24th of October, 2017 prior to our Church dedication, I got a phone call (at about 5pm) from a friend who travelled outside of the country for many years. He told me that someone needed my services. I immediately contacted the man he referred me to; who told me that he would travel outside the country the next day. I drove straight to the initially agreed location: Igwuruta axis at about 6.15pm and I packed my car. From that point I took a motorbike to Okomoko junction as further directed. The man who talked with me on phone had sent someone to carry me by a tri-cycle. After a deliberately delayed ride, he carried me to a fenced premise that had assorted cars parked in front of a large building. I observed the following strange things: [1] by a strange knocking pattern, the entrance door to the building was opened; [2] inside the house were four doors without no single window; [3] four huge men walked out from each of the doors; two of them were dressed in black, two in red, and all were without shoes on; [4] they searched me and collected all valuables on me.


    Shortly after, a man with knife drenched with blood came out from one of the doors and said, “it is his turn”. Immediately, the four hefty men held me. It was done on me that my life was in danger. I struggled with them but they over powered me and pushed me into an inner room, and shut the door. Inside that room was a big chair with red stains, feathers, different colours of candles, etc. Beside it, I saw a man like a chef butchering something. As I looked closely, it was a human being, whose different parts have been cut apart and the intestine was being pulled out.

     The terror of death was certain. I began to pray violently, calling upon the name of the Lord. Their leader ordered me to step into a black circle in front of the big chair where he sat on, I refused and continued in my prayer. He pointed his enchantment stick towards me, but something pulled his hand away from me. He had that experience thrice as he continued to enchant. Immediately, he shouted, “TAKE HIM OUT!” “TAKE HIM OUT!! “

     Two men rushed in and tied my eyes and mouth, dragged me out and pushed me into a tricycle. After a long drive through unknown area, they made a slow stop and pushed me out of the tricycle and zoomed off. I untied my eyes and month. I found myself in a bush and it was dark already. I had no choice than to start moving on. After a long walk in the bush path I sighted a light source afar off, which I navigated to and saw people to whom narrated my ordeals. And, it was past 10pm already.

     That was how God delivered me from death by ritual killing. I remain ever grateful to God.

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  • Deliverance from a Ghastly Motor Accident; and Celebrating God's Faithfulness for 34 years in Marriage:

    Nwokochas Family

    Testimony by Pst. & Evang (Mrs) Reginald Nwokocha, and Family: Delivered from a ghastly motor accident; and celebrating God's faithfulness for 34 years in marriage.


    We are thanking God for his faithfulness and deliverance from a fatal accident. Last healing service, the enemy was up and against my family but God intervened and prevailed for us.


    As we drove along the International Airport road, close to where we were to make a U-turn before getting to the Temple’s entrance, I looked from my rear mirror and saw two buses racing behind us. The Security flagged us to stop for an on-coming vehicle to pass. Suddenly, as I stopped, we had a big bang behind us. It was like a dream, but it was real! We were hit by a high speed bus from behind. The rear part of the car was severely damaged. The car windscreen was shattered; as God would have it, the broken glasses did not injure anyone except one of my daughters (Chinwe) who was badly hit; she convulsed and passed-out. We managed to lift her out of the car, laid her on floor by the road side and started praying; after a while, God intervened and she regained consciousness. The bus that hit us somersaulted twice. It had passengers onboard and many bled profusely. God saved me, my wife and two daughters onboard my car.


    About a week before the incident, God did reveal to my wife what was to happen. And the family fasted and prayed over it, and God took control of the situations beforehand. My daughter (Chinwe) was later taken to a hospital for medical examinations and scan; the Doctor confirmed that there was no internal injury.


    Our second testimony is that yesterday being 21st July marked our 34th Marriage Anniversary. It has been indeed 34 years of God’s faithfulness. We thank God for how He has kept us. May His Holy name alone be praised.


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  • Deliverance from a Ghastly Motor Accident; and Promotion at Place of Work:

     Pst Lambert

    Testimony by Pastor Lambert: God prevented a ghastly motor accident for me. Also, God promoted me at the place of work.


    During the last month’s Healing Service, we heard the testimony of how God delivered the AG from a ghastly motor accident within Macdonald College sharp U-turn junction. When I went home with my family after the service, at about 5pm I went to buy petrol for my car. As I drove back home to about the spot where the testimony incident happened, I really cannot tell what happened, but my car suddenly swung to the other side of the road. And a very high speed car behind me would have hit my car but for the intervention of God who diverted it, and they neither somersaulted nor crashed against the middle partition. Praise God.

    My next testimony took place at the place of my work. Somebody ahead of me fought against my promotion, but God overrode their plots, and promoted me and gave me the key to my new office. Praise God

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  • God Granted me a normal and safe Delivery after being wheeled to and fro the Theatre for Caesarean Section:

    Bro Bobs Family


    Testimony by Teacher. Bob's Family: God granted me a normal and safe delivery after being wheeled to and fro the theatre for caesarean section.


    In May 2018, I started experiencing pains at my back. I packed my things to a sister’s house so that she could look after me. My sister observed that I was in labour, and rushed me immediately to Braithwaite Memorial Hospital. They admitted me and told me that I would deliver in few hours’ time judging by how progressive the labour was. Till the evening of the next day, the Doctors noticed that dilation had not exceeded 7cm, and the labour stopped despite that rupture had occurred. I was taken to the theatre for a caesarean section. But, they left me for a while, in order to tidy up with the first patient before me.

    My husband had already signed the consent form and made necessary payments for the caesarean operation. My pastor prayed and we too were praying and trusting God for a miracle of safe delivery. After a short while, I felt like going to the toilet and the Nurse came to assist me to the toilet room. It was observed that the head of my baby had already started coming out! I was then taken back to the labour ward instead, from the theatre. At this point, I was too weak to push out my baby, but God suddenly gave me strength and my baby came out and alive.

    The attendant Nurses and Doctors were astonished at the dramatic and yet miraculous events. The God of GEWC has done again to the glory of His name.


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  • Deliverance from death in a Boat Mishap:

    Sis Ebiye Owutubo

    Testimony by Sis Ibiye Owutubo: God delivered me from death in a Boat Mishap.

    Thanks be to God who delivered me from death. We boarded a boat after the children conference at Okirika. We prayed briefly and took off. While on the sea, our boat capsized and surprisingly my life jacket pulled off, and I found myself right at the bottom of the sea; worst still, the boat sank and covered me and one other lady.


    The rescuers did not know our whereabouts because we were covered underneath. I screamed calling on the God of Apostle Numbere to have mercy on me because the only thing that occurred on my mind was the last healing service message, titled: The Cry of Mercy”. Suddenly a force pulled me out of the underneath coverage, and the sea thrusted me out and back into the sea for the first and second times without being sighted by the rescue team. It was on the third thrust, which is usually the last, when I had almost given up my last breath that God made the rescuers to sight me; immediately they sighted me and put me in the rescue boat. I was already unconscious and would have passed-out by the next split of seconds but for God’s mercy and timely intervention. Glory be to God.

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  • The Lord rescued me from the camp of kidnappers after 4 days of hostage:

    Sis Mark

    Testimony by Sis Tamunotonye Mark: The Lord rescued me from the camp of kidnappers after 4days of hostage, and the ransom that was deposited was recovered.


    I and my husband boarded a taxi from Rumuokoro junction; as we got to Eleme junction, one of the supposedly passengers signaled to get off the taxi. Instead of bringing money from his pocket, he pulled out a gun, pointed same at us and demanded for all that we had. I offered them my phone and my hand bag. 
    They let my husband to go but took me along with them. They drove to a location within Worji town, tied my hands and eyes and kept me in a house for 4days.


    On the 4th day, my family had already sent the demanded ransom at a prescribed location by 7am, of which they planned to pick-up within 12noon. The God of Apostle G.D. Numbere intervened; Police came to my rescue at that nick of time, and rescued me. The demanded ransom money that was already deposited at the prescribed location was also collected back. Praise be to God.


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  • My son was delivered from academic manipulations:

    Sis Dorcas

    Testimony by Sis Dorcas Omorbruche: My son was delivered from academic manipulations.


    Since I had my son, he has been having academic challenges. I have prayed severally for him to get better academically. I told my Senior Pastor Evang G.S. Okorogba about these challenges; he prayed and assured me that my son will not be performing poorly again.

    He had started a new class: JSS 2 in Air-force Secondary School. After the session, in his result he was asked to repeat JS2, despite his relatively good performance this time around.

    I came to the last healing service with the burden of my son’s academic challenges. I cried onto the Lord concerning the situation. It was impressed on my mind to respond to the appeal that was made toward the Utility building project, I wrote my vow on the piece of paper provided and handed it to the Usher. A voice spoke to me to double my vow. I beckoned on the Usher to bring back my vow paper, in order to double the amount initially vowed. After I did, the voice said to me to write a cheque instead. I thought within me, and said, “but I didn’t bring my cheque booklet to the church”. As looked into my hand bag, behold, the cheque booklet was there. Without wasting time, I wrote the cheque and became happy with myself.


    The next day being Monday, I went to my son’s school to know why he was asked to repeat JS2 despite having made up to 7credits in the promotional exam. The lady that I met in the office told me that result issues have been concluded, and that there was nothing anyone could do. Shortly, their boss listened to my son’s case, and asked me to wait. A review was made concerning my son’s case. God’s intervened for my son, and he was re-issued document for promotion into J.S.S. 3 class. Praise be to God.


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  • Delivered from severe headache and pains:

    Pst Udoh

    Testimony by Pst Blessing Udoh: Delivered from severe headache and pains.

    On the 22nd of September, I attended Ministers retreat in my zone. When I got home after the meeting, I began to experience severe headache and pains. It was so severe that I was unable to proceed to the Altar Ministers’ prayer meeting. However, my BP was normal when checked.

    During the Healing Service the following day, my head was literally on fire while I led the prayer session. Afterwards, I got the attention of a Doctor at the sick bay. This time around my BP had risen to 140/100. The Doctor advised me to have some rest at the sick bay. I objected, and went back to the service hall and met the high worship session of that day. Immediately after the worship session by the Int’l Director, I felt a sensation of cold water on my head; thereafter, the pains, headache and high BP varnished instantly. I have remained totally healed till today. Hallelujah.

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Testimony by Pst Love Francis: A dead boy as a result of a ghastly motor accident miraculously came back to life.

I want to thank God for what He did for me. It was on the 2nd of October 2018, during my usual trip to Akwa-Ibom State to buy fishes for sale. On my way driving back, a young boy suddenly ran into the front of my car. I screamed, “Jesus!”, but the car had hit him already, and flung him to the other side of the express road. I was so much afraid, and came out of the car crying because the boy’s neck was visibly dislocated, his left hand and left leg bones where broken and projected out of the skin. It was a gory sight to behold!

I was shivering and crying; so many people gathered around. Some said, “madam, the boy is dead.” While some advised that I ran away, but my conscience couldn’t let me move away as I imagined if it were my child in such a situation. I pleaded with them to assist me to take him to the hospital. On getting to the first hospital, the Doctor confirmed him dead. I cried the more and told God that no one would die in my hand. I asked that we tried another hospital. On getting to the second hospital, the Doctor also confirmed him dead, and asked that I take his body to the mortuary just behind.

I pleaded with the Doctor to re-align the dislocated bones by himself instead of the mortuary attendants doing it as he earlier suggested. He accepted, after putting his neck bone in position, he proceeded to do same to his left arm; as soon the bone was put in place, the boy groaned, “mmmmmmnnnn”, and life came back to him. All that were present shouted and said, “this can only be God”.

He was billed for brain surgery after the Doctor discovered that the accident affected part of his brain responsible for speech. The operation was scheduled to hold on a Monday, but on the Sunday evening preceding the Monday of the operation, to my greatest surprise, he spoke out and said. “mummy cover me with clothe, mosquitoes are biting me”. The specialist Doctors were called. When they came in, they asked the boy, “can you talk”, he nodded his head. The Doctors further asked him to read out the names on their badges in turn, which he called correctly. By this, the Doctors ruled out surgical operation plan for him. Afterward, his healing progressed rapidly, and he became perfectly okay. And today, Kingsley can comfortably make use of his neck, hands and legs to the glory of God.