Deliverance Miracles

  • A bus fully loaded by our Brethren was Delivered from a Terrible Accident:

    Deliverance from a Terrible Accident

    Testimony by Pst. Tams of Town Church1: A bus fully loaded by our Brethren was Delivered from a Terrible Accident.


    After the last Healing Service, all my Church buses were loaded to fullness as we headed home. On our way, the axle of one of the buses suddenly, pulled-off and one of the tyres as well. It was a horrific moment of shouting and of great pandemonium! God intervened, and made the driver to apply the brake and the bus was brought under control without somersaulting. If not for God, it would have been a different story by now.


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  • Delivered from Protruded Stomach and My Wife from the Spell of Death:

    Mr and Mrs Emmanuel Jombo


    Testimony by Mr. & Mrs. Emmanuel Jombo:Delivered from Protruded Stomach and My Wife from Spell of Death.


      Mrs. Jombo


    I encountered the spell of death. I didn’t know when I fell on the floor and became unconscious. It was horrific that my children lost hope and went about arranging for a car to carry my dead body. I had a little spark within me that triggered me to vehemently shout, “I will not die because I am serving the God of Greater Evangelism World Crusade”. And I focused my gaze on the Ministry’s calendar before me in my house. Immediately, I heard a voice that told me, “get up, you will not die, if you believe”. I declared, “I believed” and got up; instantly, my strength was regained in full and I came back to life. Praise God.




    Mr. Emma Jombo


    I was very sick and had protruded stomach; it was such that I couldn’t pass urine or faeces. I was taken to the hospital. The doctor inserted a tube within my pubic region to enable me to pass out urine and faeces. One day, I fell into a trance, and I saw myself in the Temple (the Headquarters Church). There, in the temple, I came in contact with a man whose face I couldn’t recognize. He said to me, “You are healed and delivered from every ailment”. As soon as the trance was over, I discovered that my stomach had retracted to normal, and instantly, I began to do the things that I couldn’t do before. When I went back to the Hospital, the doctors said, “This can only be by the Miracle of God”. That was how I got my healing. Praise the Lord.


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  • Deliverance  from Ritual Killers:

    Pst Richie

    Testimony by Pst. Richie U: Deliverance from Ritual Killers.


    On 24th of October, 2017 prior to our Church dedication, I got a phone call (at about 5pm) from a friend who travelled outside of the country for many years. He told me that someone needed my services. I immediately contacted the man he referred me to; who told me that he would travel outside the country the next day. I drove straight to the initially agreed location: Igwuruta axis at about 6.15pm and I packed my car. From that point I took a motorbike to Okomoko junction as further directed. The man who talked with me on phone had sent someone to carry me by a tri-cycle. After a deliberately delayed ride, he carried me to a fenced premise that had assorted cars parked in front of a large building. I observed the following strange things: [1] by a strange knocking pattern, the entrance door to the building was opened; [2] inside the house were four doors without no single window; [3] four huge men walked out from each of the doors; two of them were dressed in black, two in red, and all were without shoes on; [4] they searched me and collected all valuables on me.


    Shortly after, a man with knife drenched with blood came out from one of the doors and said, “it is his turn”. Immediately, the four hefty men held me. It was done on me that my life was in danger. I struggled with them but they over powered me and pushed me into an inner room, and shut the door. Inside that room was a big chair with red stains, feathers, different colours of candles, etc. Beside it, I saw a man like a chef butchering something. As I looked closely, it was a human being, whose different parts have been cut apart and the intestine was being pulled out.


    The terror of death was certain. I began to pray violently, calling upon the name of the Lord. Their leader ordered me to step into a black circle in front of the big chair where he sat on, I refused and continued in my prayer. He pointed his enchantment stick towards me, but something pulled his hand away from me. He had that experience thrice as he continued to enchant. Immediately, he shouted, “TAKE HIM OUT!” “TAKE HIM OUT!! “


    Two men rushed in and tied my eyes and mouth, dragged me out and pushed me into a tricycle. After a long drive through unknown area, they made a slow stop and pushed me out of the tricycle and zoomed off. I untied my eyes and month. I found myself in a bush and it was dark already. I had no choice than to start moving on. After a long walk in the bush path I sighted a light source afar off, which I navigated to and saw people to whom narrated my ordeals. And, it was past 10pm already.


    That was how God delivered me from death by ritual killing. I remain ever grateful to God.

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  • Deliverance from a Ghastly Motor Accident; and Celebrating God's Faithfulness for 34years in Marriage:

    Nwokochas Family

    Testimony by Pst. & Evang (Mrs) Reginald Nwokocha, and Family: Delivered from a ghastly motor accident; and celebrating God's faithfulness for 34 years in marriage.


    We are thanking God for his faithfulness and deliverance from a fatal accident. Last healing service, the enemy was up and against my family but God intervened and prevailed for us.


    As we drove along the International Airport road, close to where we were to make a U-turn before getting to the Temple’s entrance, I looked from my rear mirror and saw two buses racing behind us. The Security flagged us to stop for an on-coming vehicle to pass. Suddenly, as I stopped, we had a big bang behind us. It was like a dream, but it was real! We were hit by a high speed bus from behind. The rear part of the car was severely damaged. The car windscreen was shattered; as God would have it, the broken glasses did not injure anyone except one of my daughters (Chinwe) who was badly hit; she convulsed and passed-out. We managed to lift her out of the car, laid her on floor by the road side and started praying; after a while, God intervened and she regained consciousness. The bus that hit us somersaulted twice. It had passengers onboard and many bled profusely. God saved me, my wife and two daughters onboard my car.


    About a week before the incident, God did reveal to my wife what was to happen. And the family fasted and prayed over it, and God took control of the situations beforehand. My daughter (Chinwe) was later taken to a hospital for medical examinations and scan; the Doctor confirmed that there was no internal injury.


    Our second testimony is that yesterday being 21st July marked our 34th Marriage Anniversary. It has been indeed 34 years of God’s faithfulness. We thank God for how He has kept us. May His Holy name alone be praised.



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