Living Testimonies

  • Salvation and Deliverance from Cult:


    ~Pst. Leace Akah

    Today is the greatest day in my life: it is my spiritual birthday. This Ministry is God’s rescue boat indeed. My physical birth was miraculous because my mother was barren for many years. In the process, she made a vow to God that if she conceives and delivers a child, she would give same back to Him. But, after she conceived and had me, she was not faithful to her vow. Whereas, I was born normal, I became deformed along the line. My mother told that there was a time she went to pray in a Church and my father followed her into the church and flogged and beat her up mercilessly; from that day on she had to dance to his cultist ways.

    My father was not a Christian. He belonged to the cult called ... Lodge. He rose to the rank of being their Secretary, which was more like being their second in command. Because my father loved me so much, he often took me to their meetings. At some point, I began to perform initiation rituals for new people, as young as I was. In the absence of my father, I had to play his roles at meetings.

    The Lodge held two major revival meetings yearly. During which time, each member must submit a part of their bodies: hairs or nails, to the lodge for re-fortifications. In 1999, I didn’t know what came upon me; I refused to submit part of my body to them. While I was in my house on Dec 31st night, a friend of mine visited to invite me for the cross-over night service. I disregarded her, but she persistently pressured me to go with her. Eventually, I reluctantly followed her to the church for the first time.

    When I returned home to sleep, something unusual happened to me. I saw myself leaving my body and being taken up. Earlier on, I had said that God will have to answer many questions with regard the conditions of my leg. But the place I was taken-up to was sparkling and too beautiful to behold. And saw myself looking very unclean and unfit to go in as I pleaded to be let in. I began to experience excessive cold. My mother said it was because I went to church instead of going at the Lodge’s temple. Also had an experience of my stony heart being taken away, and I became like a normal human being, ready to accept God’s word. From 1st of January 2000 I became born again in Greater Evangelism World Crusade where I responded to the first invitation after those unusual experiences. My father also followed after destroying all the items belonging to the lodge from our house. Praise, be to God


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