Living Testimonies

  • : God gave me a miraculous job:


    ~by Sis Ibiye



    I graduated in November, 2017; since then, I have been looking for job. I got a job at Bayelsa State early last year, but not quite long, the job was over.


    During the February Healing Service, as the Int’l Director was praying, he mentioned my case and said, “Someone will get a miracle Job”. I jumped up and claimed it. Yours truly, on the next day, being Monday, I got a call from someone who told me to go and submit my CV to a hospital called, “Save a Life Hospital’. When I went, it was rather the day slated for interview for those who had submitted applications and CV. I became discouraged and left. However, someone at the gate told me to go back and wait, that I might still be interviewed. As God will have it, they collected my CV and interviewed me that same day with other 62 candidates. I had the highest performance in both the oral and computer-based written tests, which made me to be one among the only two successful candidates.



    When the Management had a brief review meeting over our cases, I overheard them said that I was inexperienced because they had wanted to employ someone with least 10 years of work experience; more so, I was too young for the job, they added. However, one of them said, “She may be small but mighty, let’s give a chance to perform”. Those moments were so frightful, but I decided to look up to the God of Grace that Daddy preached on during the Healing Service, and prayed the more. Shortly after, they called me, congratulated me and offered me the job for an immediate start. The God of grace spoke on my behalf, and gave me a job. Praise God.

  • :God revived the lost glory in me :


                                   ~by Bro. Bariledum                                      

    During the March Healing Service, the Int’l Director said there are 365 “fear not” in the bible and each “fear not” is for each day of the of the year but one day of doubt is like 365 days of doubts before God and unfulfilled miracles in the life of a believer. So I believed God’s servant when he made that statement. The Lord also did 3 things in my life in March Healing Service:
    1) He restored back to me the joy of my salvation
    2) He revived the lost glory in me.
    3) He also renewed my trust in Him.


  • An ardent Muslim receives Jesus Christ:



     ~by Sis. (Dr.) Hassan Ali  


    I was an ardent Muslim, but today, God has made it possible by His grace on me to become a Christian.


    In 1987, I was preach to by a member of Greater Evangelism World Crusade and invited me to church. While I was in the church, as the Pastor preached about Sin, I was greatly touched considering my sins and worst still, not worshipping the True God; the Creator of the heavens and wasting the past years dwelling in heresies. I wept sore and immediately responded to the altar call. There, I surrendered my life to Jesus Christ making Him my personal Lord and Saviour and ever since then; my life had never been the same. I also thank God for enabling the Ministry to start a work - opening other branches in my home town and state (Kogi State in Nigeria). The church is doing well. I promise to continue to serve God all the days of life. Glory be to God.



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