Healing Service Messages 2020

You can now read a stranscribed versions of Central Healing Services' messages month-by-month. Each month's post is a summary of the message preached during the service. The nature of the transcriptions are expected to reflect the originality of delivered messages. For maximum benefits, however, every reader is advised to put away any form of distractions and prayerfully put his/her frame of mind as per one literally sitting before the Preacher when the message was preached.

  •  January 2020 Summarized Healing Service Message

    Preacher: Pastor Isaac V. Olori
    Lesson: John 2;1-11

    Topic: Manifesting His Glory


    Our theme for the year is: Fruitfulness. If we must be fruitful, one thing we must desire of God from today is for Him to manifest His glory in us and through us. To manifest means to unveil or to reveal, which implies God revealing His greatness. It is the mind of God for us to experience His Greatness, His Power and His Glory. The book of Exodus chapter 33 shows how Moses desired to see God’s glory. When once you encounter God’s glory, your destiny and everything about you will change.

    In John 1:1, Jesus was introduced as the WORD, which was in the beginning with God. Verse 14 says, “And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth”. This glory that was beheld and encountered was a peculiar and unique glory. The bible noted that it was, “full of grace and truth”. It is the person of the WORD that brings about glory. When you encounter the WORD and His glory, you will experience changes in your life by this unique grace encounter.

    The instruments that make things to happen or that bring about glory are both physical and spiritual. Notice from our text that the wine got finished at the marriage feast at Cana of Galilee. This occasion of need brought about the opportunity for the manifestation of His glory. Likewise in John 11, the bible tells us of the account of Lazarus. His sickness and eventual death became opportunity for the manifestation of God’s glory. It thus implies that, problems are the basic agents necessitate connection to glory, hence testimonies.
    The second agent of glory is the human agent. From our text, the Mother of Jesus was present at the marriage. She was very intimate with Jesus and prudent to have noticed that the wine had finished, and persuaded that there was someone there who could do what no man can do. She came to Jesus in confident and faith, and related the problem of no wine to him; this was a faith filled prayer. Mary capitalized on mother-son relationship.

    With the problem of no wine being petitioned to Jesus, there were two things that were needed for the miracle to be performed. These are: empty vessels and the fillings. An empty vessel is critical for God to manifest his glory. Any time God wants to manifest his glory he looks out for vessels, which must be empty. In 2Kings 4, the widow of one of the sons of the prophet was faced with the problem of threat of taken her two children for the debt of the late husband. For the solution to the debt problem, she was demanded to borrow many vessels (not a few) because the miracle could be limited by the number of vessels available. May you not limit God in your life by no vessel or by the provision of just a few vessels. The demand to fill the many empty vessels with mere “water”, shows that God can use ordinary things to do extraordinary miracles.
    Water symbolizes the word of God. It is also a symbol of the Holy Spirit. If we are a carrier of Jesus, implies we should be carriers of the word, because Jesus is the Word, which existed from the beginning with God, and is God.

    Recall that the pots were filled to the brim. This means that they were filled to over following. The servants were diligent and committed to obeying the Master’s instruction. Firstly, they were told to, “bring the pots”; secondly they were told to, “fill the pots with water”, and thirdly, they were told to, “draw from the pots”. Finding, hearing and obeying the God’s word as tools for miracles are all critical. The miracle is not only in the filling but also in the drawing; the ability to draw is even more important. The one you draw is the Rhema: the revealed word. Carrying the word is not enough but the ability to draw from it is what brings the miraculous results. In Matthew 4, as Satan tempted Jesus, in each occasion he said, “it is written”, this implies drawing from the word. For you to be able to confront the devil today, you must have the capacity to draw from the Word, because when you draw from the Word, power is released.

    No1 ingredient to the manifestation of Glory is Faith -
    What gave Mary the confidence to approach Jesus was a kind of Faith, which came by the knowledge of the word of God. She knew the child was a unique from conception to birth, and by keeping that to heart made her faith in Him to be steadily built up. It was because she had such impeccable faith in Jesus that she told the servant, “whatsoever he ask you do, do it”. What you do after prayers also determine your level of faith.

    No2 ingredient to the manifestation of Glory is obedience -
    Obedience is what shows that faith has been properly put at work. That means exercising faith without a corresponding work (or faith action) renders faith impotent. The bible says that faith without work is death. Any disobedience or a divine action not anchored in God’s word is anti-faith.
    For ordinary water to be turned into wine is not a natural but a supernatural phenomenon. Jesus has the power to change nature and natural events; he can turn tasteless things to become tasteful; he can cause things that have no values to have values. Wine is also a symbol of joy. May God restore your joy and happiness today as the case of the marriage feast at Cana of Galilee.

    1. You need a new and empty vessel for the new wine to be filled therein (Luke 5v37 -38)
    2. One thing the scripture was careful to record was that Jesus and his disciples were invited (John 2v2). You must invite Jesus into your life as your Lord and personal saviour. Invite him to take charge of your life even now.

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