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  • Monday:



    Monday 17 February 2020


    Ezekiel 35:1-15



    Edom’s princes saw the whole country left desolate, and counted upon its easy conquest; but there was one great difficulty in their way—quite unknown to them—“The Lord was there”; and
    in his presence lay the special security of the chosen land. Whatever may be the conspiracies and devices of the enemies of God’s people, there is still the same effectual barrier to thwart their design. The saints are God’s heritage, and he is in the midst of them, and will protect his own. What comfort this assurance yields us in our troubles and spiritual conflicts! We are constantly opposed, and yet perpetually preserved! How often Satan shoots his arrows against our faith, but our faith defies the power of hell’s fiery darts; they are not only turned aside, but they are quenched upon its shield, for “the Lord is there.” Our good works are the subjects of Satan’s attacks. A saint never yet had a virtue or a grace which was not the target for hellish bullets: whether it was hope bright and sparkling, or love warm and fervent, or patience all-enduring, or zeal flaming like coals of fire, the old enemy of everything that is good has tried to destroy it. The only reason why anything virtuous or lovely survives in us is this, “the Lord is there.”


    If the Lord be with us through life, we need not fear for our dying confidence; for when we come to die, we shall find that “the Lord is there”; where the billows are most tempestuous, and the water is most chill, we shall feel the bottom, and know that it is good: our feet shall stand upon the Rock of Ages when time is passing away. Beloved, from the first of a Christian’s life to the last, the only reason why he does not perish is because “the Lord is there.” When the God of everlasting love shall change and leave his elect to perish, then may the Church of God be destroyed; but not till then, because it is written, Jehovah Shammah, “The Lord is there.”


    "God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear, even though the earth be removed, and though the mountains be carried into the midst of the sea; Though its waters roar and be troubled, though the mountains shake with its swelling" Psalm 46:1-3


    Prayer Point:
    1. Because the Lord is there for me, let all the conspiracies and devices of the enemies be thwarted, in Jesus name.
    2. I command fear and doubts to be uprooted out of my life, let confidence, faith and trust in Jehovah Shammah’s abilities be reestablished in my mind.
    3. Every challenging situation shall work out for my good and to the glory of God.
    Read the Bible in Year: Leviticus 11-12; Mark 2:23 - 3:1-12

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  • Tuesday:




    Tuesday 18 February 2020


    Luke 1:1-4, 15:11-22

    It is quite certain that those whom Christ has washed in his precious blood need not make a confession of sin, as culprits or criminals, before God the Judge, for Christ has for ever taken away all their sins in a legal sense, so that they no longer stand where they can be condemned, but are once for all accepted in the Beloved; but having become children, and offending as children, ought they not every day to go before their heavenly Father and confess their sin, and acknowledge their iniquity in that character? Nature teaches that it is the duty of erring children to make a confession to their earthly father, and the grace of God in the heart teaches us that we, as Christians, owe the same duty to our heavenly Father. We daily offend, and ought not to rest without daily pardon. For, supposing that my trespasses against my Father are not at once taken to him to be washed away by the cleansing power of the Lord Jesus, what will be the consequence?

    If I have not sought forgiveness and been washed from these offences against my Father, I shall feel at a distance from him; I shall doubt his love to me; I shall tremble at him; I shall be afraid to pray to him: I shall grow like the prodigal, who, although still a child, was yet far off from his father. But if, with a child’s sorrow at offending so gracious and loving a Parent, I go to him and tell him all, and rest not till I realize that I am forgiven, then I shall feel a holy love to my Father, and shall go through my Christian career, not only as saved, but as one enjoying present peace in God through Jesus Christ my Lord. There is a wide distinction between confessing sin as a culprit, and confessing sin as a child. The Father’s bosom is the place for penitent confessions. We have been cleansed once for all, but our feet still need to be washed from the defilement of our daily walk as children of God.

    “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us.” 1 John 1:8-9

    Prayer Point:
    1. Have mercy upon me, O God, according to thy loving kindness: according unto the multitude of thy tender mercies blot out my transgressions. Wash me thoroughly from mine iniquity, and cleanse me from my sin.
    2. Let my confidence in approaching the throne of grace for help in times of needs be restored fully; and uphold me in true love, fellowship and intimacy with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
    Read the Bible in Year: Leviticus 13-14; Mark 3:13-35

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  • Wednesday:



    Wednesday 19 February 2020


    John 1:35-51

    This case is an excellent pattern of all cases where spiritual life is vigorous. As soon as a man has found Christ, he begins to find others. I will not believe that you hast tasted of the honey of the gospel if you can eat it all yourself. True grace puts an end to all spiritual monopoly. Andrew first found his own brother Simon, and then others. Relationship has a very strong demand upon our first individual efforts. Andrew, you did well to begin with Simon. I doubt whether there are not some Christians giving away tracts at other people’s houses who would do well to give away a tract at their own—whether there are not some engaged in works of usefulness abroad who are neglecting their special sphere of usefulness at home. You may or you may not be called to evangelize the people in any particular locality, but certainly you are called to see after your own servants, your own kinsfolk and acquaintance. Let your Christianity begin at home. Many tradesmen export their best commodities—the Christian should not. He should have all his conversation everywhere of the best savour; but let him have a care to put forth the sweetest fruit of spiritual life and testimony in his own family.


    When Andrew went to find his brother, he little imagined how eminent Simon would become. Simon Peter was worth ten Andrews so far as we can gather from sacred history, and yet Andrew was instrumental in bringing him to Jesus. You may be very deficient in talent yourself, and yet you may be the means of drawing to Christ one who shall become eminent in grace and service. Ah! dear friend, you little know the possibilities which are in you. You may but speak a word to a child, and in that child there may be slumbering a noble heart which shall stir the Christian church in years to come. Andrew has only two talents, but he finds Peter. Go you and do likewise.


    “The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life; and he that winneth souls is wise” Proverbs 11:30


    Prayer Point:
    1. Let the light of Christianity radiate through me, to the end that I may be fervent in preaching the Gospel in season and out of season.
    2. Excellent Spirit of grace and services, rest upon me.
    3. I pray for the soul salvation of every member of my family, my friends, my colleagues and my neighbours
    Read the Bible in Year: Leviticus 15; Mark 4:1-20

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  • Thursday:





    Thursday 13 February 2020


    Romans 8:1-15

    “There is therefore now no condemnation.” Romans 8:1. Come, my soul, do you think of this. Believing in Jesus, makes one to actually and effectually be cleared from guilt; and you are led out of your prison. You are no more in fetters as a bond-slave; you are delivered now from the bondage of the law; you are freed from sin, and can walk at large as a freeman, because your Saviour’s blood has procured you full discharge. You have a right now to approach your Father’s throne. No flames of vengeance are there to scare thee now; no fiery sword; justice cannot smite the innocent. Thy disabilities are taken away: you were once unable to see your Father’s face: but you can see it now. You could not speak with him: but now you have access with boldness.
    Once there was a fear of hell upon you; but you have no fear of it now, for how can there be punishment for the guiltless?

    He who believes is not condemned, and cannot be punished. And more than all, the privileges you might have enjoyed, if you have never sinned, are yours now that you are justified. All the blessings which you would have had if you had kept the law, and more, are yours now, because Christ has kept it for you. All the love and the acceptance which perfect obedience could have obtained of God, belong to you, because Christ was perfectly obedient on your behalf, and have imputed all his merits to your account, that you might be exceeding rich through him, who for your sake became exceeding poor. Oh! how great the debt of love and gratitude you owes to your Saviour!
    A song writer wrote, “A debtor to mercy alone, of covenant mercy I sing; Nor fear with thy righteousness on, my person and offerings to bring: The terrors of law and of God, with me can have nothing to do; My Saviour’s obedience and blood hide all my transgressions from view.”

    “If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.” John 8:36

    Prayer Point:
    1. I command my soul to break off from the condemnation or guiltiness of the law because I’m justified by faith.
    2. “Christ hath redeemed us from the curse of the law, being made a curse for us: for it is written, Cursed is every one that hangeth on a tree” Galatians 3:13. I therefore reject every direct or indirect curse that may be directed against me and my family, in Jesus name.
    3. Every power of bondage of sin or of fear or of unbelief is hereby broken out of my life because Jesus has set me completely free.
    Read the Bible in Year: Leviticus 4-5; Matthew 28


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  • Friday:



    Friday 21 February 2020


    Revelation 5:1-5; Daniel 9:20-23

    We should be able teachers of others, and less liable to be carried about by every wind of doctrine, if we sought to have a more intelligent understanding of the Word of God. As the Holy Ghost, the Author of the Scriptures is he who alone can enlighten us rightly to understand them, we should constantly ask his teaching, and his guidance into all truth. When the prophet Daniel would interpret Nebuchadnezzar’s dream, what did he do? He set himself to earnest prayer that God would open up the vision. The apostle John, in his vision at Patmos, saw a book sealed with seven seals which none was found worthy to open, or so much as to look upon. The book was afterwards opened by the Lion of the tribe of Judah, who had prevailed to open it; but it is written first—“I wept much.” The tears of John, which were his liquid prayers, were, so far as he was concerned, the sacred keys by which the folded book was opened. Therefore, if, for your own and others’ profiting, you desire to be “filled with the knowledge of God’s will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding,” remember that prayer is your best means of study: like Daniel, you shall understand the dream, and the interpretation thereof, when you have sought unto God; and like John you shall see the seven seals of precious truth unloosed, after you have wept much.

    Stones are not broken, except by an earnest use of the hammer; and the stone-breaker must go down on his knees. Use the hammer of diligence, and let the knee of prayer be exercised, and there is not a stony doctrine in revelation which is useful for you to understand, which will not fly into shivers under the exercise of prayer and faith. You may force your way through anything with the leverage of prayer. Thoughts and reasoning are like the steel wedges which give a hold upon truth; but prayer is the lever, the application of force which forces open the iron chest of sacred mystery, that we may get the treasure hidden within.

    “The secret things belong to the LORD our God, but the things revealed belong to us and to our children forever, that we may follow all the words of this law” Deuteronomy 29:29

    Prayer Point:
    1. O Lord, grant me the revelation of your hidden mysteries in every jot of your word.
    2. I overcome confusions and constant distractions from studying the Word and from all forms of prayerlessness, in Jesus name.
    Read the Bible in Year: Leviticus 19-21; Mark 5:1-20

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  • Saturday:




    Saturday 15 February 2020


    Matthew 25:31-40; 26:5-13


    “Whereby they have made thee glad.” Psalm 45:8. And who are those so privileged to make the Saviour glad? His church—his people. But is it possible? He makes us glad, but how can we make him glad? By our love. Ah! we think it so cold, so faint; and so, indeed, we must sorrowfully confess it to be, but it is very sweet to Christ. Hear his own eulogy of that love in the golden songs of praise: “How fair is thy love, my sister, my spouse! how much better is thy love than wine!” See, loving heart, how he delights in you. When you lean your head on his bosom, you not only receive, but you give him joy; when you gaze with love upon his all-glorious face, you not only obtain comfort, but impart delight. Our praise, too, gives him joy—not the song of the lips alone, but the melody of the heart’s deep gratitude. Our gifts, too, are very pleasant to him; he loves to see us lay our time, our talents, our substance upon the altar, not for the value of what we give, but for the sake of the motive from which the gift springs. To him the lowly offerings of his saints are more acceptable than the thousands of gold and silver.

    Holiness is like frankincense and myrrh to him. Forgive your enemy, and you make Christ glad; distribute of your substance to the poor, and he rejoices; be the means of saving souls, and you give him to see of the travail of his soul; proclaim his gospel, and you are a sweet savour unto him; go among the ignorant and lift up the cross, and you have given him honour. It is in your power even now to break the alabaster box, and pour the precious oil of joy upon his head, as did the woman of old, whose memorial is to this day set forth wherever the gospel is preached. Will you be backward then? Will you not perfume your beloved Lord with the myrrh and aloes, and cassia, of your heart’s praise? Yes, ye ivory palaces, ye shall hear the songs of the saints!

    “Whereby they have made thee glad.” Psalm 45:8

    Prayer Point:
    1. O Lord, let my service, conducts and my entire life give you glory daily.
    2. I receive grace to go among the ignorant and lift up the cross, so as to give you honour
    Read the Bible in Year: Leviticus 8; Mark 1:21-45

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  • Sunday:



    Sunday 16 February 2020


    John 14:15-26;  15:26

    Common, too common is the sin of forgetting the Holy Spirit. This is folly and ingratitude. He deserves well at our hands, for he is good, supremely good. As God, he is good essentially. He shares in the threefold ascription of Holy, holy, holy, which ascends to the Triune Jehovah. Unmixed purity and truth, and grace is he.

    He is good benevolently, tenderly bearing with our waywardness, striving with our rebellious wills; quickening us from our death in sin, and then training us for the skies as a loving nurse fosters her child. How generous, forgiving, and tender is this patient Spirit of God.

    He is good operatively. All his works are good in the most eminent degree: he suggests good thoughts, prompts good actions, reveals good truths, applies good promises, assists in good attainments, and leads to good results. There is no spiritual good in all the world of which he is not the author and sustainer, and heaven itself will owe the perfect character of its redeemed inhabitants to his work.

    He is good officially; whether as Comforter, Instructor, Guide, Sanctifier, Quickener, or Intercessor, he fulfils his office well, and each work is fraught with the highest good to the church of God. They who yield to his influences become good, they who obey his impulses do good, they who live under his power receive good. Let us then act towards so good a person according to the dictates of gratitude. Let us revere his person, and adore him as God over all, blessed forever; let us own his power, and our need of him by waiting upon him in all our holy enterprises; let us hourly seek his aid, and never grieve him; and let us speak to his praise whenever occasion occurs. The church will never prosper until more reverently it believes in the Holy Ghost. He is so good and kind, that it is sad indeed that he should be grieved by slights and negligence.

    “And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters” Matthew 1:2, “Thy good Spirit.” Nehemiah 9:20

    Prayer Point:
    1. Holy Spirit, please manifest all your good nature in me and through me to the entire world 
    2. Have mercy on me in any way I might have grieved you by slanders, negligence or unbelief 
    3. Holy Spirit deliver my soul, spirit and body from any death works, and let your miraculous power be made manifest in me and through me. 
    Read the Bible in Year: Leviticus 9-10; Mark 2:1-22

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